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Heirloom Veggies from the Village

My Big Fat Greek Tomato

Santorini Tomato

Niko's Famous White Eggplant

Large growing Greek tomato variety prized for its sweet meaty flesh with few seeds. The best all-round tomato for every summer dish, cooked or raw. They ripen red and are ribbed heart-shaped tomatoes. Vine variety (indeterminate) for best results allow 3-4 main shoots to spread. Grow in full sun with nutrient rich and aerated soil.

A unique variety of cherry tomato which grows on a short growing bush (determinate) that produces clusters of small-medium sized tomatoes characterised with a pointed bottom end. Tomatoes are balanced in flavour and are a great versatile size for cooking. Plant in full sun with free draining, nutrient dense soil. 

The best eggplants ever with flavour that cant be matched. They grow white in colour with big, ribbed shaped fruit.  They have a beautiful sweet flavour and silky smooth texture compared to other eggplant varieties. Easy to grow and will thrive in full sun with nutrient rich compost and well aerated soil.

antzouri basket 2.jpg

Cretan 'Atzouri' Cucumber

Oval shaped fruit from Crete which are half cucumber, half melon. They are super tasty and sweeter than normal cucumbers. Beautiful light green coloured skin and flesh. Grow in a morning to early afternoon sun exposed spot with well composted and aerated soil and train on a trellis for best results.

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Sweet Florina Pepper

These Famous peppers grow long, fat and  sweet. Prized for cooking in Florina/Greece for its perfect texture and flavour. It has thick flesh which makes it perfect for roasting. It will grow as a red pepper and is best harvested when fully ripe. Grow in full sun with nutrient rich soil.

Long Cretan Chilli

Long yellow/green chillies with a kick of spice. A fantastic variety from Crete which is prized for its thick flesh and versatility in cooking. They are great in fried dishes and roasted whole. Best harvested early when about 8-10 inches. Grow in full sun with nutrient dense soil.


Cypriot 'Pear' Pumpkin

A classic Cypriot pumpkin which is super sweet and fruity. It has a soft and smooth texture which is great for cooking savory or sweet and can also be eaten raw in salads. Easy to grow in a patch or on a trellis with pumpkins growing into a ‘pear’ shape which generally grow to weigh about 2-3kg. Grow in a sunny position with free draining nutrient dense soil. 

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