Baby Greek Basil

Baby Greek Basil


This beautiful variety of basil is famous in Greece and prized for its micro leaves and spherical shape. Found on the islands and is the perfect summer ornament for your garden.


    Baby Greek Basil - Ocimum basilicum minimum


    • Also known as Greek bush basil is stunning annual basil with an intense aroma and delicate flavour. It naturally grows into a spherical bush that has micro white blooms when established.


    • Prized by chefs for its delicate micro leaves which make a beautiful garnish. Will bring a piece of Greece to your garden, it looks amazing in a simple terra cotta or clay pot.


    • Best planted in a morning to midafternoon sun position to protect its delicate leaves from aggressive late summer days.


    • Grows up to 30cm depending on ground space into an ornamental sphere shaped bush.

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