A must have companion plant for veggie gardeners. Brings colour to your garden in summer with beautiful star shaped flowers which variegate from blue, purple and pink. A unique addition to cooking with edible leaves, stalks and flowers which taste like cucumber.


    Borage - Borago officinalis


    • A beautiful annual herb that grows wild all over the Mediterranean. It has the nickname ‘agouritsa’ in Greek which literally translates to ‘little cucumber’ for its leaves and flowers have a fresh cucumber taste!


    • Awesome addition to your cooking. Use the young tender leaves fresh in salads and yogurt or cook them down with other seasonal greens to use in pies and other hot dishes.


    • A great companion to all summer veggies. It has mildly prickly stalks and foliage which helps keep the caterpillars away, whilst the beautiful flowers attract bees and other beneficial insects that help pollinate your garden.


    • Flowers are prized in the hospitality industry. They make the perfect garnish to brighten and finish dishes and cocktails. They make a beautiful herbal tea popular worldwide, known for its calming and cleansing properties. 


    • Grows stalky up to 40-50cm tall.

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