Cretan 'Atzouri' Cucumber

Cretan 'Atzouri' Cucumber


A unique variety of cucumber which grows big with soft seeds. Prized for its flavoursome bite and tasty skin. 


    Cretan 'Atzouri' Cucumber

    • This Cretan tressure is famous amongst the villages! Characteristically grow long and fat and are the tastiest cucumbers around.


    • They have a beautiful light green coloured skin which is covered in moss-like fur that distinguishes them amongst the other varieties. Full of flavour and are awesome in your favourite summer salads and even better eaten on their own!


    • Easy to grow enjoy morning to mid-afternoon sun with plenty of moisture, don’t be shy! Well composted and aerated soil help these beauties thrive!


    • A sweet heirloom variety that you will love!
  • NOTE - All veggies are ONLY available in Victoria

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