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Cretan Dittany

Cretan Dittany


A rare mountain tea native to the Greek island of Crete. Locally known as ‘Diktamo’ and ‘Erontas’ 

Prized for its healing properties and stunning clusters of variegated pink flowers. Will thrive in free draining soil both in pots and the ground.


    Cretan dittany - 'Diktamo'

    Origanum dictamnus


    • This magical herb is native and only found on the famous Greek island of Crete. 
    • Diktamo is a Cretan delicacy and a very hard to find and forage herb in the wild! It only grows in between cracks and gaps along the rigid mountainsides in Crete.
    • It is a prized for its antibacterial properties which pharmaceutical companies worldwide still use to this day.
    • Most commonly used as a healing herbal tea, It is however part of the Lamiaceae family, and smells like its cousin oregano so can be used in cooking similarly.
    • It has delicate pale green foliage which have a unique fluffy texture which looks amazing as ground cover or on rocky garden landscapes. It also does really well in pots and containers. 
    • A perennial herb that really looks after itself once established in the right spot.
    • Originating from the rocky mountains it will thrive and show its full potential when planted on inclined or raised beds which enable it to hang and take over the edges.
    • Plant in full or part sun it is not fussed, but be sure to plant in a spot with free draining, rocky and alkaline soil.
    • Grows around 20-25cm tall before blooming and will throw runner stems along the ground, Can spread around to about 60cm.

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