Cretan Dittany

Cretan Dittany


Rare mountain tea native to the island of Crete that is easy to maintain. Prized for its healing properties and stunning clusters of variegated pink flowers in summer.


    Cretan dittany - Origanum dictamnus


    • This magical herb known as ‘diktamo’ in Greek is only found on the rigid mountains in Crete. It is a delicacy and well known for its antibacterial properties which pharmaceutical companies worldwide still use to this day.


    • Most commonly used as a therapeutic herbal tea, It is however part of the Lamiaceae family, and smells like its cousin oregano so can be used in cooking similarly.


    •  It has delicate pale green foliage which have a unique fluffy texture which looks amazing in the ground or on rocky beds as well as in pots. It is a real treasure and a must have for herb and flower lovers!  


    • Perennial herb that really looks after itself once established. It is not fussy on soil type however being from the mountains tends to thrive when planted on inclined or raised beds which enable it to hang and take over. Plant in full sun to get full bloom potential in summer.


    • Grows up to 30cm tall likes to jump and throw runner stems along the ground. Awesome for covering ground along incline and rocks.

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