Greek Purslane

Greek Purslane


This variety of purslane is not like your wild weed that grows in your backyard. It grows big juicy leaves with tender upright growing stalks that are a cook’s dream. Full of omega 3, iron and Vitamin C. It is one of the healthiest things you can consume. It is also delicious, eaten raw or cooked like a soft leafy green.


    Greek purslane - Portulaca oleracea


    • This prized seasonal weed is a superfood and should be eaten by everyone as much as possible. Traditionally used in a lot of Mediterranean countries such as Greece, often seen fresh in salads or cooked with seafood and other wild greens.


    • Wild basically grow itself every summer is extremely drought tolerant and grows in any conditions, will likely selfsow.


    • Use the juicy leaves and tender green stalks as you would other wild greens like chicory, different to common purslane which has smaller leaves, brown stems and crawls along the ground. 


    • Grows around 30cm tall and spreads out branches.

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