Ironwort (Greek Mountain Tea)

Ironwort (Greek Mountain Tea)


Most commonly known as ‘’Greek mountain tea’’ Is a popular herbal tea herb that grows on the mountains of the Mediterranean. It has beautiful spears of yellow flowers which have a unique sweet perfume aroma and flavour.


    Ironwort – Sideritis


    • Another special mountain tea from Greece which has many names most commonly known as ‘vounisio’ in Greek. It is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties which have many health benefits.


    • Makes a delicate herbal tea with its unique aroma and flavour is also a great addition to infusions and sugar syrups.


    • Perennial herb that prefers a full sun position, slightly alkaline and welldrained soil, once established is very drought tolerant.


    • Its foliage is fluffy and delicate similar to the Cretan dittany. It grows spears of bright yellow flowers in summer which are harvested and prized worldwide.


    • Plant in a big pot or the ground anytime from late winter after the overnight frost has passed to early summer. 


    • Grows up to 20cm tall likes to spread great ground cover.

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