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Ironwort (Greek Mountain Tea)

Ironwort (Greek Mountain Tea)


Also known as ‘Tsai tou vounou’ in Greek. It is a popular herb that grows on the mountains throughout the Mediterranean. It has beautiful spears of yellow flowers which have the sweetest perfume. Cultivated for its medicinal properties and floral flavour, Grows well in a sunny free draining position. 


    Ironwort – 'Tsai tou vounou'

    Sideritis syriaca


    • Another special mountain tea from Greece which has many names most commonly known as ‘vounisio’ or ‘tsai tou vounou’ in Greek.
    • This magical herb grows wild on the mountainsides across the Mediterranean, famous for its long sweet smelling yellow blooms which light up the mountains in summer. 
    • It makes a beautiful herbal tea with its unique, sweet aroma and flavour, which also makes it a great addition to infusions and sugar syrups.
    • it is a Perennial herb that thrives in full sun and in a spot with free draining, rocky and alkaline soil. Once established is very drought tolerant.
    • Its foliage is fluffy and delicate similar to the Cretan dittany. It grows spears of bright yellow flowers in summer which are bursting with antioxidants and antibacterial properties which have many health benefits and are prized worldwide.
    • Best to plant in a big pot or container if you cant find a spot in the ground, Allow it to take over and establish in a good home uninterrupted for best results. Plant anytime from late winter to early summer. 
    • Trim any flowers early first season after transplanting to allow plant to focus and establish a strong base. Second season allow flowers to reach full bloom for full potential harvest.
    • Grows up to 30cm tall and likes to spread up to 1 metre It will make a great ground cover in rocky beds and display gardens.

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