Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm


Also known as Mellissa in many languages which is the Greek word for ‘bee’ for good reason as bees love this plant! Attractive perennial herb that has a unique lemony mint aroma great in cooking and makes a beautiful calming herbal tea.


    Lemon balm - Melissa officinalis


    • This awesome summer herb is super versatile and really easy to grow, best to plant in a position which gets morning to early afternoon sun, but will thrive in any position a real hardy herb.


    • Aromatic herb that grows little white blooms that bees love! Known as ‘Melisoxorto’ in Greek is said to attract the queen bee. Once established will selfsow like crazy so you will always have this amazing herb around.


    • Great addition to cooking brings a unique aroma when infused in bakes and stews, is also a nice addition fresh in salads and warm dishes.


    • It is full of calming properties that help you relax before bed, known to help aid insomnia as well as treating anxiety and hyperactivity.


    • Can grow nice and bushy up to 40cm tall and wide depending how you prune.

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