Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena


A beautiful Perennial shrub that grows silky lemon-scented leaves which havea sweet perfume that is used in everything from perfumes and cosmetics, to cooking, tea and other infusions. Drought tolerant and easy to grow will Light up your garden every summer. A must have herb.


    Lemon Verbena - Aloysia citrodora


    • Native to South America is traditionally used as a medicinal tea to cure colds, flu and digestive issues. However also helps anxiety and to induce sleep, as it is full of calming properties that help relax the body.


    • This diverse herb is a delight in the kitchen as it can be used in just about everything from desserts and milk infusions, to sauces and marinates for fish and poultry. It adds a unique sweet lemon aroma and flavour that is prized throughout the culinary world.


    • Grows into a subshrub that is very drought tolerant and thrives in full sun. Prefers well drained soil and a late winter prune to bounce back strongly in spring. 


    • Harvest leaves to use fresh during summer and easily dry left over leaves and flowers at end of the season to use throughout winter.


    • Plant next to pathways and entrances to exhilarate peoples senses when brushing past and getting the unique aromatic breeze of sweet lemon.


    • Grows into a bushy shrub up to 23 meters tall - dormant in winter.

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