A dense perennial herb that is found all over Europe. It is prized in the culinary world and best described as a unique combination of celery and parsley. Grows over a meter tall with bright yellow blooms in late summer.  


    Lovage -Levisticum officinale


    • A really unique herb that every cook should have in the garden. Use the tender leaves and stalks fresh in salads, the stalks and larger leaves in stews and soups like celery, whilst the seeds add a fresh aroma and flavour to pickle liquids and brines.


    • Easy to grow thrives best in a morning to midafternoon sun position, away from harsh afternoon sun which tends to burn off foliage.


    • Perennial herb that comes back every year aggressively and can grow up to 2 metres tall depending on position and maintenance.


    • Lovage is full of antiinflammatory properties which aids in digestion as well as tract and kidney health.


    • Can grow tall up to 3 meters.

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