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My Big Fat Greek Tomato

My Big Fat Greek Tomato


Large growing Greek tomato variety prized for its sweet meaty flesh with few seeds. The best all-round tomato for every summer dish, cooked or raw. They ripen red and are ribbed heart-shaped tomatoes. Vine variety (indeterminate) for best results allow 3-4 main shoots to spread. Grow in full sun with nutrient rich and aerated soil.


    My Big Fat Greek Tomato


    • Prized for its meaty flesh with few seeds, it is the perfect summer salad tomato. Try cooking down in quick sauces and fried dishes to bring out its super balanced tomato flavour, Sweet and juicy!
    • This variety of tomato will grow big (Between 500-900g on average) 
    • Vine variety (indeterminate) so will have a great ongoing yield throughout the season. 
    • Like most tomatoes, they enjoy nutrient rich and aerated soil, Regular summer feeds once established will help them grow to full potential.
    • Plant in full sun and maintain hygienic pruning of lower leaves to prevent disease. 
    • The plant will grow large around 1.5M tall and at least 1M spread depending on how you train it.
    • Plant 1.2-1.5M apart to allow them to bush out and free space for lots of new branches and tomatoes.

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