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Sweet Florina Pepper

Sweet Florina Pepper


These Famous peppers grow long, fat and  sweet. Prized for cooking in Florina/Greece for its perfect texture and flavour. It has thick flesh which makes it perfect for roasting. It will grow as a red pepper and is best harvested when fully ripe. Grow in full sun with nutrient rich soil.


    Sweet Florina Pepper


    • These Famous peppers grow long and sweet. Prized for cooking in Florina/Greece and throughout Northern Europe it has the perfect texture for roasting.
    • Will ripen as a red pepper with thick and sweet flesh, but is also amazing when picked early as a crisp Green pepper which can be eaten fresh and is great when fried! 
    • Easy to grow in full sun as they need heat to thrive and grow to their full potential. For best results, feed early on and protect from overnight frost in early spring.
    • Dont be afraid to prune off yellow and diseased leaves early on to encourage new growth and strong base they respond well to it and often need some hardening until the weather is consistent.
    • Plants will grow about 60-80cm tall and 40cm wide and wont need more than 50-60cm space between. 

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