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Long Cretan Chilli

Long Cretan Chilli


Long yellow/green chillies with a kick of spice. A fantastic variety from Crete which is prized for its thick flesh and versatility in cooking. They are great in fried dishes and roasted whole. Best harvested early when about 8-10 inches. Grow in full sun with nutrient dense soil.


    • This spicy pepper is a fantastic variety prized for its thick flesh and versatility in cooking and flavour!
    • Awesome when roasted whole and makes a great addition to quick fried dishes. 
    • They grow long and fairly thin and will fully ripen orange/red, but are best harvested yellow and about 8-10 inches
    • Like most peppers they thrive in warm weather so plant out after last frost in spring.
    • They are hungry plants so prepare well composted and nutrient dense soil for best results with regular summer feeds once established and flowering.
    • Plants will grow about 60-80cm tall and 40cm wide and wont need more than 50-60cm space between. 

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