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Wild Mountain Greens

Cretan Spiny Chicory 'Stamnagathi'

Greek Purslane

Wild Greek Amaranth (Vlita)

A prized wild chicory that grows throughout the rigid mountainsides in Crete. Characterised by dark green, serrated leaves with a strong bitter flavour that is cherished for cooking and salads. The plant contains a number of essential vitamins and is recognised as a Greek superfood. Grow in either part or full sun with free draining and alkaline soil. 

A lush and larger leafed variety of purslane unlike the wild growing weed seen crawling in your backyard in summer. Locally known as ‘Ylistritha’ in Greek. It grows big and juicy leaves with tender upright growing stems that are a cooks dream. Full of omega 3 and Vitamin C. Delicious eaten raw or cooked. An annual herb that grows well anywhere. 

A famous well known wild green, locally known as ‘Vlita’ in Greek. Prized for its sweet flavour and tender shoots and leaves full of antioxidants and minerals. This variety is from my Pappous village Skafi outside Chania in Crete, where it grows wild throughout the mountainsides. Used in many traditional salads, bakes, stews and pies. Basically used like spinach. cooking and salads. Annual plant that is very easy to grow in spring/summer in either part or full sun. For best results plant in moist, well composted soil and water well during the hotter months. 


Greek Lettuce

A very popular Greek variety of lettuce with sweet chicory flavour. Characterised by its soft butter leaves that have a slight crisp. Leaves grow serrated as it matures and can be grown all year round in small spaces or larger gardens. Slow bolting and annual variety that can be planted in full sun to part shade and enjoys moist well composted soil.

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