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Cretan Spiny Chicory 'Stamnagathi'

Cretan Spiny Chicory 'Stamnagathi'


A prized wild chicory that grows throughout the rigid mountainsides in Crete. Characterised by dark green, serrated leaves with a strong bitter flavour that is cherished for cooking and salads. The plant contains a number of essential vitamins and is recognised as a Greek superfood. Grow in either part or full sun with free draining and alkaline soil. 


    Cretan spiny chicory ‘Stamnagathi’

    Cichorium spinosum

    • This prized chicory grows wild along the mountains of the Greek island Crete. 
    • Locally known as ‘Stamnagathi’ it is has dark green, serrated leaves that grow outward in small spirals, with the leaves being held together by a small root. 
    • The plant contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and C, Calcium and iron. It also had linoleic acid, which is known to get rid of accumulated fat in arteries. It is recognised as a Greek superfood.
    • The leaves are fantastic in cooking. They have a strong bitter flavour which is subtly sweet once cooked/boiled. You can prepare like other greens and chicory varieties. Young tender leaves can also be eaten raw in salads. 
    • It grows all year round, but is best in the winter and spring, when it’s leaves are most tender. It will slow down in Summer and start to flower bringing a beautiful display of blue flowers.
    • To encourage new growth and an ongoing harvest throughout the year, cut down to above new growth at base. 
    • It will grow well in either part or full sun, and prefers free draining and alkaline soil. Very hardy once established.
    • Will grow up to 20-30cm tall before blooming and will spread 30-50cm after a couple of seasons. 

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