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Wild Mountain Herbs and Teas

Cretan Dittany 

Ironwort (Greek Mountain Tea)

Cretan Savory

A rare mountain tea native to the Greek island of Crete. Locally known as ‘Diktamo’ and ‘Erontas’. Prized for its healing properties and stunning clusters of variegated pink flowers. Will thrive in free draining soil both in pots and the ground.

Also known as ‘Tsai tou vounou’ in Greek. It is a popular herb that grows on the mountains throughout the Mediterranean. It has beautiful spears of yellow flowers which have the sweetest perfume. Cultivated for its medicinal properties and floral flavour, Grows well in a sunny free draining position. 

A special Cretan herb used for cooking and tea, it is best described as half oregano and thyme. Known as ‘Thriba’ in Greek it has an intense aroma and flavour. A hardy perennial which grows beautiful bright pink flowers in summer. Grows well in large pots and the ground. 

Juliana Savory

Perennial Greek Basil

Cretan Rock Rose (Cistus)

Also known as ‘Polikombo’ in Greek. A well known medicnal mountain tea which grows along the mountainsides in Greece. It is a small hardy shrub which grows beautiful pink flowers in summer. Cultivated for its medicinal properties. Grows well in a sunny position with free draining soil. 

A popular Greek variety that comes back every year. It has smaller rounded leaves and grows beautiful spiral blooms with white and purple flowers. Makes a beautiful ornament, attracts bees and is full of antioxidants and beneficial oils, makes an invigorating herbal tea. Can be grown in pots and the ground. 

‘Kistos’ is a special rock rose variety that is native to the Greek island of Crete. It is prized for producing a medicinal essential oil by the name of ‘Labdanum’ or ‘Lamdano’ in Greek. It grows as a hardy evergreen shrub, big, bushy and will be full of the most stunning and delicate pink flowers from early Spring to Summer. Grows well in hot dry conditions and needs very little maintenance once established. 

zaatar bush.jpg

Wild Zaatar (Syrian oregano)

Spiky Zaatar

A hardy perennial shrub that is native throughout  the Middle-East. It is locally known as ‘thyme zaatar’. It has spicy spiked leaves & bright pink/purple blooms. It is commonly used dried in cooking with and in similar ways to the wild zaatar (Syrian oregano). Grows well in free draining soil in both pots and the ground.

Celery 1.jpeg

Wild Greek Celery

A wild growing perennial herb native to the Mediterranean. It is very aromatic and has a strong scent and flavour of celery. It can be used in cooking like celery, with its strong and fresh flavour. It grows similar and very reminiscent of large leaf parsley. Grow in moist, rich, and free-draining soil.

A special oregano that grows along the mountains throughout the middle-east. Is most commonly used dried in cooking, however its soft and delicate leaves are amazing when used fresh. Popular in modern cuisines, often seen used in salads and even desserts. It is the oregano used in the famous ‘zaatar’ spice mix. Grows well in free draining soil in pots and the ground.

Cretan Mountain Mint

oregano wild.jpg

Pure Greek Oregano

fennel herb special.jpg

Wild Fennel Herb

A wild growing mint found growing everywhere throughout Crete from along riversides and lake reserves to the rigid mountains. This is a native variety not to be confused with spearmint, peppermint or Pennyroyal. it is prized for its musky and floral flavour in cooking. Grows an abundance of light pink blooms that cover the tall growing shoots. It will grow and spread well in pots and containers. 

The original and most pure oregano that comes straight from the mountains in Greece. It has an Intense aroma with a traditional spicy flavour. Flowers and leaves are most commonly used dried in cooking as well as herbal tea. Grows big and bushy with bright white blooms.  

An aromatic perennial herb that grows wild throughout the Mediterranean mountains. Known as ‘maratho’ in Greek. It has large branch-like fronds with fragrant anise flavoured leaves similar shape to dill. A prized herb for cooking and is a great companion plant. Will grow anywhere and needs no maintenance. 

marjoram wild.jpg

Sweet Marjoram

Found on the mountains all over the southern Mediterranean. It has a sweet and floral aroma that is fantastic dried in cooking used similarly to oregano. It has many anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and makes a beautiful herbal tea. Can be grown in pots as well as the ground. 


Greek Sage

A famous Greek variety of sage used for cooking and tea. It is characterised by its clusters of curved foliage which have an intense aroma and flavour. Known as ‘Faskomilo’ in Greek. Hardy and drought tolerant perennial herb which grows light pink/white flowers in summer.

kaufalithra main.jpeg

Mediterranean Hartwort 'Kaukalithra'

Aromatic annual herb native to the Mediterranean and very popular in Greece. It is a prized cooking herb, with its unique flavour and aroma reminiscent of chervil. It makes a great addition to traditional pies, soups and stews. It grows white umbrella like flowers which develop its beautiful oval shaped seeds. Grow in full to part sun in moist, sandy/loamy soil.

Mount Athos Basil

A Special Annual variety of basil native to Mount Athos, (A Holy Mountain peninsula in Northern Greece). A very aromatic plant, it has sweet smelling anise aroma and flavour. It grows large broad leaves that are delicate like other sweet basil varieties. It grows large clusters of purple/white flowers which bees love and is an amazing companion plant for your seasonal summer vegetables. Can be grown in pots and the ground in full sun or part shade.

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