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Wild Mountain Herbs and Teas

dittany blooms 1.jpg

Cretan Dittany 

Rare mountain tea native to the island of Crete that is easy to maintain.

Prized for its healing properties and stunning clusters of variegated pink flowers in summer.

st johns bloom2.jpg

St John’s Wort

A well-known medicinal herb that is full of anti-inflammatory properties. It has a heap of physical and mental health benefits.

Native to manty countries, grows beautiful yellow flowers in summer.

Zaataar 1.jpeg

Wild Zaatar

A special wild oregano native to the middle-east. Is most commonly dried and used in cooking, however is becoming more popular used fresh in modern cuisines, seen used in salads and even desserts. Used in the famous ‘zaatar’ spice mix and other aromatic blends.

marjoram blooms.jpg

Sweet Marjoram

A really special and underrated herb.

Found on the mountains all over the southern Mediterranean. It has a sweet and floral aroma that is a game changer in the kitchen. It has many anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and makes a beautiful herbal tea.

ironwort special.jpg

Ironwort (Greek Mountain Tea)

Most commonly known as ‘’Greek mountain tea’’ is a popular herbal tea herb that grows on the mountains of the Mediterranean. It has beautiful spears of yellow flowers which have a unique sweet perfume aroma and flavour.

Perennial Basil

A very popular Greek variety that comes back every year. Grows beautiful spiral blooms with white and purple flowers.

Makes a beautiful ornament, attracts bees and is full of antioxidants and beneficial oils, makes an invigorating herbal tea.

Greek Purslane

This variety of purslane is not like your wild weed that grows in your backyard.

It grows big juicy leaves with tender upright growing stalks that are a cook’s dream. Full of Omega 3, Iron and Vitamin C. It is also delicious, eaten raw or cooked like a soft leafy green.

oregano special.jpg

Greek Oregano

The original and most pure oregano, comes straight from the mountains in Greece. Intense aroma and mild spicy flavour. It is a must have herb for the kitchen garden, great fresh and dried in cooking and herbal tea.

savory bee.jpg

Cretan Savory

Another rare Cretan herb, it is a unique type of savory best described as half oregano and thyme. Intense aroma and flavour which every cook should have in their garden/kitchen a hardy perennial which grows beautiful bright pink flowers in summer.

baby basil special.jpg

Baby Greek Basil

This beautiful variety of basil is famous in Greece and prized for its micro leaves and spherical shape. Found on the islands and is the perfect summer ornament for your garden.

lovage special.jpg


A dense perennial herb that is found all over Europe. It is prized in the culinary world and best described as a unique combination of celery and parsley.

Grows over a meter tall with bright yellow blooms in late summer.  

fennel herb special.jpg

Wild Fennel 

A wild perennial herb that has large branch-like fronds with aromatic leaves similar shape to dill. With its delicate anise flavour is a unique addition to cooking and is a great companion plant.

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