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Juliana Savory

Juliana Savory


Also known as ‘Polikombo’ in Greek. A well known medicnal mountain tea which grows along the mountainsides in Greece. It is a small hardy shrub which grows beautiful pink flowers in summer. Cultivated for its medicinal properties. Grows well in a sunny position with free draining soil. 


    Juliana Savory

    Micromeria juliana


    • A very special mountain tea from Greece which is locally known as ‘Polikombo’ in Greek.
    • This beautiful herb grows wild on the mountainsides across Greece, very popular in Crete and is often found growing with wild oregano. 
    • Cultivated for herbal tea with its many medicinal properties. It has a delicate oregano/thyme flavour and can also make a great addition to cooking.
    • it is a Perennial herb that thrives in full sun and in a spot with free draining, rocky and alkaline soil. Once established is very drought tolerant.
    • It grows pink, spear-like blooms which are bursting with antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Polikombo is also a well known diuretic and is known to assist with bladder and kidney health.
    • Is a very ornamental herb and looks fantastic in pots and will make a great addition to rock and dry garden landscapes. Plant anytime from late winter to early summer. 
    • Harvest blooms when they are in full flower and dry in a shaded position to retain the essential oils.
    • Grows up to 35cm tall and 35cm wide.

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