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Cretan Rock Rose (Cistus)

Cretan Rock Rose (Cistus)


‘Kistos’ is a special rock rose variety that is native to the Greek island of Crete. It is prized for producing a medicinal essential oil by the name of ‘Labdanum’ or ‘Lamdano’ in Greek. It grows as a hardy evergreen shrub, big, bushy and will be full of the most stunning and delicate pink flowers from early Spring to Summer. Grows well in hot dry conditions and needs very little maintenance once established. 


    • A hardy perennial shrub that is grows wild on the Greek island of Crete
    • It grows everywhere along the mountainsides and hills, standing out from afar from its beautiful bright pink flowers.
    • This is a special variety of rock rose only native to Crete and not to be confused with the many other rock roses. 
    • This amazing herb is not only prized for its stunning blooms and character but also its medicinal properties.
    • The plant is full of Labdanum or ‘Lamdano’ in Greek, an essential oil that is scraped off for medicinal purposes, it is famously connected to cardiovascular health.
    • It is most commonly drank as herbal tea and is sold all over Greece and the Mediterranean dried and ready to use.
    • A beautiful plant that will add character and colour to your garden and is a fantastic addition to rocky, cottage and desert garden landscapes.
    • It grows as a hardy evergreen bush that will require no work once established in the right spot.
    • It can be planted in large planters and pots as well as the ground and in rocky garden spaces.
    • Prefers free draining, rocky and alkaline soil and will thrive in full or part sun.
    • Grows up to 1.5M high and wide into a dense yet elegant shrub.

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