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Mount Athos Basil

Mount Athos Basil


A Special Annual variety of basil native to Mount Athos, (A Holy Mountain peninsula in Northern Greece). A very aromatic plant, it has sweet smelling anise aroma and flavour. It grows large broad leaves that are delicate like other sweet basil varieties. It grows large clusters of purple/white flowers which bees love and is an amazing companion plant for your seasonal summer vegetables. Can be grown in pots and the ground in full sun or part shade.


    • Annual variety of basil that is available in Spring/Summer. It Grows big aromatic leaves with big clusters of purple/white flowers as it matures towards end of season.
    • A very Special variety from Mount Athos in Northern Greece. For those unaware, it is a mountain peninsula dedicated for Orthodox Christian monks and is full of many beautiful and historic Byzantine monasteries. The mountain itself is home to over 1000 different wild herbs, many which are native and exclusively grow in this region. This beautiful basil is one of those. 
    • It has a very unique anise-like aroma which is very sweet smelling. It is a delight to brush against in the garden and its leaves are amazing in cooking. 
    • It grows well in all positions, can be planted in full sun or part shade. Like most basil varieties, free draining nutrient rich soil is recommended for a thriving basil bush. It can be grown in both a pot and the ground, making a great veggie companion in Summer. 
    • This special basil makes a beautiful summer ornament and as mentioned a delight to brush against it for its amazing aroma. Bees love its long and fairly early flowering period. 
    • Like most annuals, it will die back after the first few frosts in winter, but produces many seeds to collect for the following spring.
    • Grows into a bushy shrub up to 50cm tall and wide depending on its position.

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