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Wild Fennel Herb

Wild Fennel Herb


An aromatic perennial herb that grows wild throughout the Mediterranean mountains. Known as ‘maratho’ in Greek. It has large branch-like fronds with fragrant anise flavoured leaves similar shape to dill. A prized herb for cooking and is a great companion plant. Will grow anywhere and needs no maintenance. 


    Wild fennel herb - 'Maratho'

    Foeniculum vulgare


    • Super easy to maintain perennial herb that grows big and bushy. It has anise flavoured fronds and grows beautiful bright yellow blooms in summer.
    • An amazing multi use herb that grows wild on the mountains. It doesn’t mind where it is planted will grow on most soils and is very drought tolerant.
    • Can be grown in pots as well as the ground and will come back every year bigger and bushier.
    • It will stop growing in winter and die down slightly. Prune back all the way to base in late winter for bushier new growth in spring.


    • Bees and many other beneficial pollinators love the big yellow blooms produced in summer, whilst the strong anise aroma will deter unwanted insects such as aphids.
    • It is magic in the kitchen. Goes nicely with cooked veggie dishes, bakes, pastries and fresh salads, it also makes a beautiful garnish to finish off your culinary creations.
    • Known as ‘maratho’ in Greek, it is used in many traditional stews, soups and pastries, always accompanied by seasonal greens and veg. 
    • Grows up to 2 meters tall and 1 metre wide into a leafy shrub.

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