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Spiky Zaatar

Spiky Zaatar


A hardy perennial shrub that is native throughout  the Middle-East. It is locally known as ‘thyme zaatar’. It has spicy spiked leaves & bright pink/purple blooms. It is commonly used dried in cooking with and in similar ways to the wild zaatar (Syrian oregano). Grows well in free draining soil in both pots and the ground.


    Spiky Zaatar

    Thymbra spicata


    • A hardy evergreen shrub that is characterised by its spiked leaves and beautiful pink/purple blooms in Summer. An authentic Lebanese variety not to be confused with ‘Winter savory’. 
    • Prized for its intense oregano/thyme flavour which is used in spice mixes and cooking.
    • Most commonly used in the spice mix ‘zaatar’ with toasted sesame seeds and sumac and is a fantastic addition to meat marinades and roasted dishes. 
    • Spiky Zaatar is easy to maintain and very drought tolerant. It prefers free draining/rocky alkaline soil and will grow in full sun or part shade.
    • Grows into a beautiful evergreen shrub and is easy to harvest. Every herb and garden lover should have this in their garden.
    • Its bright pink/purple blooms are great for attracting pollinators and will add some colour to your herb patch. 
    • Will Grow up to a 45cm tall and 80cmW wide growing into a beautiful ornamental bush. It will also self sow every season.

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