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Cretan Mountain Mint

Cretan Mountain Mint


A wild growing mint found growing everywhere throughout Crete from along riversides and lake reserves to the rigid mountains. This is a native variety not to be confused with spearmint, peppermint or Pennyroyal. it is prized for its musky and floral flavour in cooking. Grows an abundance of light pink blooms that cover the tall growing shoots. It will grow and spread well in pots and containers. 


    • A wild growing mint that can be found everywhere throughout Crete, found from the riversides and lakes to the rigid mountains.
    • This native variety is not to be confused with more well known varietiesn such as peppermint (Thiosmos), Peppermint and Pennyroyal.
    • It is very aromatic and sweet, giving you a unique touch to food and cooking with its musky and floral flavour.
    • It is also very medicinal and is full of menthol properties that aid with respiratory health, stomach, digestive and nerve issues.
    • It will grow anywhere and is very drought tolarent, can be planted in full sun or part shade.
    • Easily grown in pots or the ground where it will take over.
    • It grows  an abundance of light pink blooms that cover the long and tall growing stems which can reach up to 1M tall depending on position and will aggresivley spread like most mints. 

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