Greek Oregano

Greek Oregano


The original and most pure oregano, comes straight from the mountains in Greece. Intense aroma and mild spicy flavour. It is a must have herb for the kitchen garden, great fresh and dried in cooking and herbal tea.


    Greek oregano - Origanum vulgare


    • This variety of Oregano is a must have for the garden. Easy to grow and drought tolerant, it will thrive in all conditions.


    • This oregano is straight from the mountains in Greece and has an intense flavour that is unmatchable. Dry out flower tops and leaves in summer to use for cooking.


    • Try Oregano tea, it is full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which help aid many respiratory issues and other health complications such as IBS.


    • Plant in a pot or the ground with welldrained soil. Try in an inclined or elevated position to avoid rust from rain and water flicking soil onto the leaves.


    • Grows up to 11.5 meters into a dense shrub.

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