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Pure Greek Oregano

Pure Greek Oregano


The original and most pure oregano that comes straight from the mountains in Greece. It has an Intense aroma with a traditional spicy flavour. Flowers and leaves are most commonly used dried in cooking as well as herbal tea. Grows big and bushy with bright white blooms.  


    Pure Greek Oregano - 'rigani'

    Origanum vulgare var. hirtum


    • This is the oregano that originates from the mountains in Greece and has an intense flavour that is unmatchable. 
    • This variety is a must have for the garden. Easy to grow and drought tolerant, it will thrive in all conditions
    • Harvest and dry the flowers as the begin to bloom in summer cutting the stems all the way back to encourage more bushy growth. 
    • You can also use fresh oregano leaves throughout the season in cooking to add a fresh spicy punch to cooked dishes and marinades.
    • Try Oregano tea, it is full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which help aid many respiratory issues and other health complications in relation to digestion.
    • You can plant in a pot or the ground with free draining soil. Try in an inclined or elevated position to avoid rust from rain and water flicking soil onto the leaves.
    • You can plant anytime from late winter to early summer in full sun to get full potential and lots of blooms.
    • This variety grows big and bushy up to 1.5 meters tall into a dense shrub and will spread up to 2 metres after a few seasons.

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