Sweet Marjoram

Sweet Marjoram


A really special and underrated herb. Found on the mountains all over the southern Mediterranean. It has a sweet and floral aroma that is a game changer in the kitchen, great in fresh or cooked dishes. It has many anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and makes a beautiful herbal tea.


    Sweet Marjoram - Origanum majorana


    • An aromatic mountain herb that is like a sweeter more floral version of oregano with a slight pine taste. Great in cooking try adding to marinates and sauces as well as cooked dishes with greens.


    • Traditionally brewed as a therapeutic tea which helps sooth stomach aches and gall bladder pain. Full of antibacterial properties is a great relief for cold and flu symptoms.


    • Known as ‘manzurana’ in Greek, it grows wild on the mountains. It grows into a perennial shallow shrub that will do great in a full sun position either in a pot or the ground.


    • This magical herb is full of character. It grows beautiful fluffy white blooms that bees love. It will bring an addictive aroma to your garden and home.


    • Grows into a small 40cm stall shrub.

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