Cretan Savory

Cretan Savory


Another rare Cretan herb, it is a unique type of savory best described as half oregano and thyme. Intense aroma and flavour which every cook should have in their garden/kitchen a hardy perennial which grows beautiful bright pink flowers in summer.


    Cretan savory - Satureja thymbra


    • Native to the mountains in Crete known as ‘thriba’ in Greek. It is a hardy perennial which will bring character to your garden. It grows into a beautiful shrub that is flooded with stunning pink blooms in summer, Great for attracting beneficial insects to the garden.


    • Amazing in cooking either fresh or dried. Can be used in similar ways to oregano and thyme, bringing unique character to cooked dishes such as stews, soups and bakes and is a perfect addition to marinades and sauces.


    • Being from the mountains it likes well drained soil and a sunny position. Once established is very hardy and drought tolerant.


    • Slow growing dense bush that can grow up to 1.5metre tall when fully mature.

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