Wild Zaatar

Wild Zaatar


A special wild oregano native to the middle-east. Is most commonly dried and used in cooking, however is becoming more popular used fresh in modern cuisines, seen used in salads and even desserts. Used in the famous ‘zaatar’ spice mix and other aromatic blends.


    Wild zaatar - Origanum syriacum


    • A fluffy light green coloured oregano that grows wild on the mountains throughout the Middle East. Also known as ‘Syrian oregano’ it is endangered and prized for its flavoursome leaves used in spice mixes, cooking and tea.


    • A hardy perennial herb, like its cousins oregano and marjoram, tends to like welldrained soil. However the nature of this plant coming from the mountains does not mind will grow in full sun or part shade.


    •  This variety is special and has come straight from the mountains in Jerusalem. It has a robust yet floral flavour and extremely aromatic.


    • Grows into a beautiful aromatic shrub and is easy to harvest. Every herb and garden lover should have this in their garden.


    • Grows up to a metre tall shrub.


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