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Perennial Greek Basil

Perennial Greek Basil


A popular Greek variety that comes back every year. It has smaller rounded leaves and grows beautiful spiral blooms with white and purple flowers.

Makes a beautiful ornament, attracts bees and is full of antioxidants and beneficial oils, makes an invigorating herbal tea. Can be grown in pots and the ground. 


    Perennial Greek basil - 'Vasiliko'

    Ocimum citriodorum ‘Lesbos’


    • Grows into a beautiful perennial bush that lives for over 7 years, comes back bigger every year and has amazing white and purple flowers that bring a buzz to your garden.
    • Famous for its smaller rounded leaves that bush up nicely adding a heap of character to your garden this summer.


     - This amazing basil makes a beautiful summer ornament and is reminiscent of Greek summers, a truly stunning variety that you will enjoy year after year.


    • Prefers a morning to early afternoon sun position that helps protect it from harsh afternoon Aussie sun as well as free draining nutrient rich soil. It will thrive in both a pot and the ground.
    • Leaves will turn yellow and the plant will start to die back and stop growing as winter hits. Prune and shape the bush late winter to encourage new bushy growth in spring like you would to any dormant fruit tree. 
    • This basil has an intense aroma and flavour, can be used in cooking however more commonly used for tea and bath infusions. It is rich in essential oils that invigorate your senses when infused in bath or spa water as well as calming you when drank as tea before bed.
    • Grows into a bushy shrub up to 1.5 metres tall and wide depending on its position.

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