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Wild Greek Amaranth (Vlita)

Wild Greek Amaranth (Vlita)


A famous well known wild green, locally known as ‘Vlita’ in Greek. Prized for its sweet flavour and tender shoots and leaves full of antioxidants and minerals. This variety is from my Pappous village Skafi outside Chania in Crete, where it grows wild throughout the mountainsides. Used in many traditional salads, bakes, stews and pies. Basically used like spinach. cooking and salads. Annual plant that is very easy to grow in spring/summer in either part or full sun. For best results plant in moist, well composted soil and water well during the hotter months. 


    Amaranthus blitum 

    • This famous wild green is one of the most popular across Greece. There are many varieties of Amaranth, this one is one from my Pappous village Skafi outside Chania, Crete.
    • Locally known as ‘Vlita’ it grows variegated green and purple foliage that is on the sweeter side of the wild greens that grow in Greece.
    • The plant contains high levels of minerals, antioxidants and protein. It also is rich in both gallic acid and vanillic acid, which are known to help with a healthy heart.
    • All of the plant is edible and dull of nutrients. Traditionally the leaves and younger softer shoots are boiled or steamed and served on their owneith olive oil and lemon. With this being said they make a great addition to so many cooked dishes like stir fries, pies, stews and bakes. (Use like you would spinach). The seeds can also be used like a quinoa and are very dense in the plants minerals and antioxidants. 
    • It is an annual plant available in spring/summer. It is very easy to grow and will self sow yearly and come back doubled every year. 
    • Due to its ability to self sow and take over year after year, plant in a position where you want it to take over and grow each year.
    • It grows elongated clusters of small bushy flowers towards the end of the season.
    • It will grow well anywhere you plant it, either part or full sun. The plant is very drought tolerant but for best results grow in well composted and moist soil, ensuring it is well watered during hot summers.
    • Single plants will grow up to a metre tall before blooming. 
    • I have the Amaranth available in trays with well over 30 seedlings inside which can be thinned out and spread.

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