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Greek Lettuce

Greek Lettuce


A very popular Greek variety of lettuce with sweet chicory flavour. Characterised by its soft butter leaves that have a slight crisp. Leaves grow serrated as it matures and can be grown all year round in small spaces or larger gardens. Slow bolting and annual variety that can be planted in full sun to part shade and enjoys moist well composted soil.


    • Annual: Can be grown and planted all year round. Slow bolting variety.
    • This variety had fairly soft and buttery leaves with slight crisp. Leaves start of broad and wide and start to narrow and become serrated as the plant matures.
    • Very popular variety amongst the Europeans of Australia. It has a mild and sweet chicory flavour that adds so much flavour to simple seasonal lettuce salads. With this being said can be used in dishes like chicory also.
    • Harvest 2 ways. Either pick mature leaves from sides leasing up and training a taller growing plant. Or cut head from bottom once matured and allow to grow back bushy again. 
    • Like most greens, it will bolt faster in the warmer months, to take advantage and have a longer harvest grow in morning sun during Spring/Summer instead of full sun. 
    • In winter/Autumn plant in full sun for better results and healthier plants. 
    • Like most lettuce it enjoys moist, composted soil and is very easy to grow in pots and containers. 
    • Plant seedlings/young plants at least 10-15cm apart to allow air circulation between leaves to avoid fungal disease. 
    • Depending on your training method, plants can grow up to 50cm tall towards end of growing life. And provide lovely yellow flowers with plenty of seeds to grow throughout the year. They tend to self sow often.
    • Comes in trays of 8 established seedlings.

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