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Niko's Famous White Eggplant

Niko's Famous White Eggplant


The best eggplants ever with flavour that cant be matched. They grow white in colour with big, ribbed shaped fruit.  They have a beautiful sweet flavour and silky smooth texture compared to other eggplant varieties. Easy to grow and will thrive in full sun with nutrient rich compost and well aerated soil.


    Niko's Famous White Eggplant


    • This amazing eggplant will grow big, ribbed and even yellow when fully ripened! However is best harvested early as a white fruit to take full advantage of its beautiful flesh with no seeds!
    • Niko refuses to grow any other variety.. after searching near and far..nothing else can compare to the super sweet flavour and silky smooth texture that these special eggplants have.
    • Easy to grow but very hungry plants so will thrive in nutrient rich compost with well aerated soil.
    • Plant in full sun and feed throughout the summer as they develop, Ensure to prune off any diseased or damaged foliage early to focus on growing a stronger base.
    • The plant will grow up around 90cm tall and 30-40cm wide into a nice bush. Best to space plants 80-90cm apart.

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