Niko's Famous White Eggplant

Niko's Famous White Eggplant


This Greek variety of eggplant is a GAME-CHANGER. An eggplant like no other! Prized for its smooth texture and sweet flesh with barely any seeds.


    Niko's Famous White Eggplant


    • This eggplant will grow white in colour and fully ripen as a yellow eggplant. However is best harvested as a white fruit to take full advantage of its magic flesh with no seeds! Perfect for any dish.


    • Niko refuses to grow any other variety as they cannot produce the same super sweet flavour with a texture that is smooth like no other.


    • A rare variety that will grow well in pots as well as the ground, keep them in full sun and feed them regularly. 
  • NOTE - All veggies are ONLY available in Victoria

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